Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great Improv of the Great Plains

Wednesday July 13, 2011, we had our debeut show at the Great Mall of the Great Plains. Where were you?

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Imp Fest Cometh Again!

Hey everyone! The 2nd annual Imp Fest is coming in 2 weeks! The Imp Fest runs from Thursday, October 14 - Sunday, October 17.
The show order is like this:
Thursday October 14 8pm
R I Spectacular (Bonner Springs, KS)
Babelfish (KCMO)
Spite (KCMO)
Improv-Abilities (Mission, KS)

Friday October 15 7pm
The Next Big Improv Show (Bonner Springs, KS)
Girl Prov (Lawrence, KS)
Trip 5's (KCMO)

Friday October 15 9pm
Dictionary Soup (Bonner Springs, KS)
Tantrum (KCMO)
Babelfish (KCMO)

Saturday October 16 7pm
Biblioclast (Bonner Springs, KS & Chicago, IL)
The Ones Your Mother Warned You About (Oklahoma City)
Deep Space Emily (Bonner Springs, KS)

Saturday October 16 9pm
TwinProv (Oklahoma City)
Dictionary Soup (Bonner Springs, KS)
ZenProv (Chicago, IL).

$10 for 1 show.
$16 for 2 shows.
$21 for 3 shows.
$24 for 4 shows.
$25 for 5 shows.

Saturday and Sunday is also filled with workshops!
Saturday 11am - 1:30pm Rap Along with TwinProv
Saturday 2pm - 4:30pm Musical Improv Made Fun & Easy with ZenProv

Sunday 11am - 1:30pm Zenprov
Sunday 2pm - 4:30pm Starting Out Extraordinary (This class is for beginners only).

ZenProv workshops are $40. The others are $30. Hurry! The spaces are filling up quickly!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 12, 2010

All Good Things Must Come To An End

The Mini-Imp Fest has come to an end and The Roving Imp begins it's 4th year of business. Did you get to see any of these groups...?

Thursday night at 7, 8, and 9pm

This was Game Show: I've Got A Secret featuring Chris, Chante', Julie, and Nifer as pannalist.

This was Triv Prov with John and Ryan.

This was Dimensional Rift with John, Julie, Justin, David, and Nifer. We explored dimensions based upon what would make various audience members and cast members scream "SERENITY NOW!"

Friday 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11pm

This was It's Debatable with Tim, Nifer, John, Tom, and Ashley. They debated bald men who are unemployed and living with their parents asking out strange women.

This was ONE with Nifer, Ashley, Julie, Justin, and John. They did the One Location format that took place all in a Chinese restaurant.

This was Dial-A-Show with John, Julie, Chante', Justin, Ashley, and Nifer.

This was Omega Directive with Ryan, John, Jeremy, Aron, and Nifer. They had 7 minutes in Heaven around the idea of "I'm Out!"

This was Biblioclast with John and Nifer in a special 11:00 time slot! They used lines from the Seinfeld episode BAZARRO JERRY.

Saturday at 7, 8, 9 and 10pm

Saturday night started off with RI Spectacular with Julie, Ashley, Nifer, Patrick, Justin, and John.

The 8:00 slot was Coma and the 9:00 slot was Red Rubber Ball with Julie, Justin, Chante', Nifer, Shannon, and John. I was in the booth for both of these and so I combined the same pic from different angle of Coma. It worked out because they were the same cast members. The picture used for Red Rubber Ball was taken by Chris.

Dictionary Soup with John and Keith rounded out the end of the Mini-Imp Fest with words found in the Seinfeld episode THE SOUP NAZI.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Mini Imp-Fest

The Roving Imp Theater is getting ready for the mini Imp-Fest this weekend in honor of the 3rd year of business! Each of the Roving Imp groups will be performing in the mini Imp Fest between Thursday April 8 - Saturday April 10th. Each individual show is based upon an episode of Seinfeld.

Thursday 7-11 include Game Show (Merv Griffin Show), Biblioclast (Bizarro Jerry), Dimensional Rift (Serenity Now), and Triv Prov (Bubble Boy).

Friday 7-11 includes It's Debateable (The Opposite), One (The Chinese Restaurant), Dial-A-Show (The Marine Biologist), and Omega Directive (The Contest).

Saturday 7-11 includes RI Spectacular (The Parking Garage), Coma (The Junior Mint), Red Rubber Ball (The Puffy Shirt), and Dictionary Soup (The Soup Nazi).

Be sure to check out the Roving Imp Website for more details on this mini Imp-Fest and all the other great shows coming your way.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Jenifer Harmon is Awesome

The Master of Lights visited the Imp today in preparation for Girl's Night Out, wielding Christmas lights and a special (very girly) surprise for those attending tonight's show!

Monday, March 1, 2010

When is a Pizza Oven not a Pizza Oven?

When you're making cookies in it. (These look a little burnt...they're not! Cooking time has been adjusted for the pizza oven's broiling capabilities.)

The theater smells like heaven, btw.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Great News!

Two Roving Imp troupes, One and Omega Directive, are headed to Chicago as apprentice teams in the Chicago Improv Festival in April!